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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Apple Hunt

This year, the tribe decided to join another Filipino tribe and head 2hrs north west from Sydney, to Bilpin NSW. Not for the usual Easter Egg hunt, but to pick some apples. This town boasts some of the best apples in NSW - from the Granny Smith kind, to Pink Lady, Gala and Fuji. Unfortunately, this part of the country was recently hit by hail and so the produce were somewhat of low quality - actually, bruised. Despite this, locals and tourists alike flocked the town during the long Easter weekend. We managed to pick a whopping 16kilos! Not so much because we love apples, but the tribe kind of gotten too excited with the actual picking. Maybe its time to make use of a handed-down "apple pie" recipe. When you do happen to visit this town, don't miss the Bilpin Fruit Bowl for one of the most scrumptuous apple pies and freshest apple juice. A small orchard but was full of character.

Apples were all over the place - and it was just devastating to see all these produce go to waste. It was a good feeling being able to help these small farmers in own little way.

Bruised apples, up close.This is one-stop you can't miss. It is along Bells Lines of Road going to the various orchards. It has a huge fruit bowl upfront.

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