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Friday, June 25, 2010

Honey, I shrunk the meatloaf!

Not sure what happened. What I did or did not do. But the meatloaf shrunk. Sure, I did not have a recipe. Sure I did not measure. Sure I did not have breadcrumbs.

This is a classic Masterchef Invention Test - ingredients, mixed all together = end product.

I was intending to make the Filipino Embutido, but took the shorter route. Instead of wrapping individual logs in aluminum foil, I poured the mixture onto 2 loaf pans ala meatloaf. And voila! A shrunken piece of meat that looked more like the classic French terrine. Appearance did not compromise the taste though. It still tasted like embutido. Better follow a real meatloaf recipe next time. Or maybe its time to take some French lessons and make a real terrine. As the French would say it - C'est la vie!

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