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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Poultry preparation today @ Kitchen 10...

... and look what I came home with!

Lesson 5 was all about poultry preparation including trussing, cutting for saute, frenching wings and frenching drumsticks. Frenching actually just means cutting off the bone joints.

The trussing method is for when the chicken is to be used for roasting. Trussing is preparing the whole chicken by tying the legs and clipping the wings under the chicken for proper roasting.

Lesson 5 also included : Thai chicken curry, rice pilaf and raita. All great Indian dishes and tastes just as great. The recipes are right there on the board. I loved the cucumber raita! In Greek parlance, this is Tzatziki. Easily bought from the supermarket, but why buy when you can create?!

No food photos this time as I was too distracted by my blue finger. Too exciting!

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