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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Moist apple cake, revisited

What's left of the apple cake after tea

 Just recently, a colleague at work was leaving for another department within  and all were called to morning tea.  A nice tradition which happens when one is leaving the branch.  Of course there are the occasional morning tea or lunch just because.  Anyways, as mum thought to bring something to share, I made this in the morning before shuffling everybody off to school.  Quick and easy.  Moist and just right for that cup of tea or coffee.

This is actually a re-visit of an earlier post mum did using the same recipe.  Actually, the first ever cake that mum made from scratch!  A milestone.  So this cake recipe is kind of memorable.  And since we now have the book, we might as well get on with the other sweet comfort treats in it.

I've flagged the pages for Chocolate Elcairs, Chelsea Buns and can't wait for summer for raspberries to be in season for the Raspberry Mousse Gateau. Among a few.  It's still winter though.  Wet and cold and grey, but all good.  We're good. 

PS - I actually thought the contributing author is the Bridget Jones whom I know. Embarrassing.

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