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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Vintage kitchen finds

I love vintage classic kitchen stuff.  They have that character that no new item has.  They have a history. A story.  And I'm sure they serve their previous owners well, to have those marks and scratches, from years and years of use, from cooking and baking and making dishes for family and friends.  I try and visit op shops like Vinnies and Salvos, local markets and garage sales every now and then to find that treasure.  As they say, someone's trash could be another one's treasure!  Besides, its a good bit for the environment!  Remember, reduce, re-use, recycle!

Found these vintage kitchen utensils last weekend.  From a local op shop and at the annual massive garage sale at St. Michael's in Lane Cove.  I love vintage classic looking kitchen utensils.  They have the look and feel of years of use and I know that whoever owned it before, used it with a lot of love and care.  Preparing food, baking in their kitchen for their family and friends. 

Although we already have our own newer apple corer, this one definitely has a different kind of character to it. And Mum needs a melon baller in her tool kit (at school) and this just looks perfect!

I've always wanted sturdy mini pie tins and was ecstatic when I saw these Willow brand set of 6  versatile tins, I grabbed them straight away!  They were tucked away under a table inside a box, unexposed to the rest of the bargain hunters and called to me!  And something, somehow told me to scrounge down there and rummage through these piles of other cooking paraphernalia. And voila!  They're just gorgeous!

They also look lovely in photos. They look like props from those big-named magazines and some other lovely websites such as Katie Davies' website:  What Katie Ate!

Besides, these we also found a big nice wooden salad bowl!  Great for those Caesar Salads and Greek Salads that we'll be serving soon (now that mum's onto salads at school), a wire basket (great for eggs but now holding all those lemons from the market), and three wooden spice racks for $0.50 each. While browsing the hall for bargains, I grabbed 3 of these spice racks and an old lady just had to ask me what would I have them used for?  Why they are spice racks, right?  After all SAXA is really a household name in Australia for salt!

The good thing about grabbing vintage kitchen finds is this.  If they collapse after several uses, its easy to just throw them away. Because you know, you got them for a bargain and they served their purpose with you!  Much less stressful than buying a pricey brand new one and breaks down sooner than expected.

PS - I need to stress that vintage finds doesn't always mean its the old second hand types. These stuff stand out from the rest of them.  Yes, they are old.  But they have character.  So look out for them.  

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