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Monday, December 05, 2011

Coffee flavoured meringue

Soft. White. Shiny.

It's officially summer in the south eastern hemisphere down under and yet Sydney was embraced yesterday with chills.  Just not fair.  Especially the last few days the temperature was fluctuating like crazy. Warm and sunny one day.  Cold and chilly the next. Warm in the morning, then showers in the afternoon.  Our bodies can only take as much temperature changes.  Or maybe, I'm not as fit as I thought.   8yo -A has had the colds and coughs and has been absent from school for 3 days and passed on the virus to me plus more.  The thing about being sick in this parts is that there's really no time to sit down and rest, especially with school kids and a hubby who has a crazy work schedule.  There's still the daily lunch box and meals to be made, errands and bills to pay, etc. etc.  Domesticity and parenthood.  Story of my life.  8yo-A and me took pocket naps in between shuttling her siblings to school and the afternoon pick up. Which is good, for the most part.  Worst part of it is - I don't think I can settle down.  These pocket power naps makes me uneasy that there's that part in me that still finds the need to move. Do something.  Make something. Whatever.  Being at home is no rest for this mum.  Oh, look!  Those lady finger bananas are turning brown by the second, why don't we make some banana bread out of it? (found a recipe online which claims super moist and shall be for another post).

Crisp. Light brown. Coffee. Kisses.

These coffee flavoured meringue (kisses) were a take off from the great Australian Pavlova Bloghop, where a Cherry Pavlova Mess was created.  I was on a roll and got addicted to whipping egg whites!  (The egg yolks were put to good use - refrigerated and used in fried rice)

To make these coffee meringue kisses, the pavlova recipe from the Cherry Pavlova Mess was used, but substituted 2 tsp coffee essence for the 1/2 tsp vanilla!  Although the 2 tsp only made for a subtle hint of coffee, I reckon another teaspoon would make this a real grown up picker-upper!

For keeps.  Away from little hands. There's caffeine in there!

Store in nice jars, these coffee meringue kisses are great as edible Christmas presents!  Just don't know how long it would keep for.  I'm thinking maybe 5 minutes?! These are seriously melt in the mouth treats! 

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