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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A how to post - blanched almonds

Not the most exciting post there is, (but I reckon this post has the most photos!) but its something learned from Kitchen 10 so worthy of a post.  When making the almond bread recently for home consumption and as edible gifts,  instead of buying already-blanched almonds, we did the blanching ourselves.  Just because there are some things we must try.  If not develop the habit out of it, the trying part always becomes a worthy experience – whether it’s a disaster or a success.  Trying something for the first time should always be in one’s to do list.  It doesn’t have to be grandiose and adrenalin-rushing adventures.  It can be anything . Even as simple as poaching an egg, or blanching some almonds. 
Pour the almonds into the boiling water

Not much to say here as blanching is what it is – blanching.  Boil some water, add the food item and let it sit for about 5 minutes, scoop out with a spider or slotted spoon and voila – blanched food!  It can be anything from green beans to broccoli to well, almonds!

The skins get loose in a few minutes. Take off from heat at this point.

The skins easily peeled off.  Can you make out my finger prints? Think I'm giving too much away!

Pinch away and voila - naked almonds central!

To peel the skins off, simple pinch the almonds and let it slide from your grip away from the skin.  The girls loved helping out taking the skins off which had us left with just enough almonds to bake with.  One of life’s simple pleasures – spending time with your kids in the kitchen, helping out as much or as little as they can, eating as you merrily along before a distraction such as TV and DS games breaks the scene and you’re back to your own quiet measures.

Naked almonds and their skins.  Yin and Yang.

Skins!  Off to your compost bin if you have one or straight into your garden bed!

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