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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Welcome to Kitchen 10

This is a story of mum’s adventures in the classroom. Kitchen classroom I mean. 2011 is a big start for everyone. Year 2 for JAS, starting cello lessons for J, and tennis for A and S. Year 8 for Ate and starting voice lessons this year. Tita Ann getting married. Dad promising to start with a sports activity. And for mum, following her dream of being in a commercial kitchen environment. Mum started semester 1 alongside everyone else.

Taking Mondays off work and going to class from 12noon to 9:30pm. 2 hours of theory class on safety and legal food acts and responsibilities and then 5 and half hours standing up in Kitchen 10, listening to the teacher chef and learning a thing or two. Mirepoix, brunoise, apple compote, l’ anglaise, and so on. Its all very exciting. Look at mum girls! 40 and going to school.

How exciting can it all get!


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