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Musings. Family. Food. Stories. Cooking. Recipes. Eating. A recipe journal. From simple Filipino dishes to challenging recipes and exciting gastronomical failures. This is for my girls to look back on for comfort, memories, laughs, love and lots of food!

Kulinarya Cooking Club

August 2012 - Almondigas - Filipino meatball soup with sponge gourd (loofa sponge)

October 2012 - Filipino-style Spaghetti


  1. Hi... Just saying that I came across your blog and while I WANT to read it ... can I just suggest that you please change the font as it gets very tiresome to read after a while and is not visually pleasing to tired eyes! Please don't be offended! I think it's great what you're doing and I love Filipino food ! All the best!

    1. HI thanks for that! The font is actually Arial in italics. I think you maybe accessing this with an iPad. It comes out in script when using that platform. Not sure why it is so.

  2. Hi Anna Banana,

    Do you take orders? :)


    1. Hi Sasa! I do. I have set up a catering business just in case you're interested. Email me either through this blog adobodownunder@gmail.com or icedlemoncatering@gmail.com



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