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Me and my adobo

Hi there!

Thanks for dropping by.  I am annabanana, cook/baker and writer of this blog.  The name stems from my real name Anna.  I am also known by my nickname Bambi.    I am a mom 24/7 to 4 gorgeous girls and partner to the sweetest  and most charming man I've ever met - he eats EVERYTHING I cook!  Beyond my motherhood and domestic duties, I work part time as administrative officer at a government agency and currently doing recently finished a Commercial Cookery course at a local TAFE  - which I started this last year  in (2011) to supplement my basic knowledge and skills in cooking.

Moving here in Sydney (6) (7) 9 years ago was a big leap for hubby and me.  We gave up comfort and a steady career to start a new life here.  Armed with 9 massive luggage and a dozen hand-carried bags, we marched through the quarantine desks at the Sydney airport June 2005 with all sorts of  personal belongings from old toys to kid's vitamins, nappies and even  a can of toddler milk.   Looking back, its hilarious and quite pathetic.  But that's the reality of moving your whole life somewhere new.  You try to hang on to what's familiar, be it a stuffed animal or a pair of old jeans or some worn out wooden spoon!

I started adobodownunder as a way of remembering Filipino recipes which I'd get from my dad through overseas calls, dictating the ingredients and method with utmost patience. And keeping recipes that I've found from books, magazines or online into one place and pass onto to my girls when they're all grown up and cooking in their own kitchens.  Because it's a personal blog, the dishes and recipes came with a story and memories and experiences.  Sometimes some words of wisdom and encouragement from a mother to her daughters, which you will notice in some posts where I refer to myself as Mum, speaking in the third voice as if telling my girls a story and sometimes as if talking to my girls directly.  Hubby is also referred to Dad in some posts where I want the girls to remember a particular moment.   After much parenting and cleaning and cooking and eating and writing, I have found my voice and I can hear it too.   Cooking to me is a means of sharing the love and writing is an exercise of creativity.

Early 2010 was when I decided to make adobodownunder public - "let search engines find your blog".   This has started a whole new world for me.  Just knowing that someone else out there besides my friends and family takes a peek and looks around here is enough to make me feel a-flutter.   So if you're here, have some adobo, hang around for a bit and let's share a meal or two.  I hope you enjoy my little journey learning more about the my own country's dishes while learning other cuisines along the way.

What is adobo? and why down underAdobo is a a classic  Filipino dish.  Every Filipino home has their own version.  And as I've learned to perfect my own while in Sydney (Australia = down under) I've also learned other dishes along the way.  I love the diversity and multiculturalism in this country!

So join me and my family's journey.  From musings and dreams, from mains to desserts.  And yes, that too - learning to be Australian.

Mabuhay and G'day mate!
Anna (Bambi)

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