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Monday, June 30, 2014

Coconut tapioca pudding with red papaya


We have been back from a very brief trip to the Philippines and there’s nothing like a holiday to re-energize the senses.  Especially going back to one’s home country where the familiar is always welcomed, where family and friends are missed and food, oh so craved.

Papaya is one of those easily available year round back home and best eaten as is, usually with a squeeze of the local citrus (calamansi), or lemon/lime.  It’s one of those tropical fruits that I grew up eating and a favourite now at home by the girls.  We’re lucky that Australia has papaya grown locally now. Whatever the variety (red papaya, yellow or pawpaw), they are packed full of A vitamins, potassium and beta-carotene. 

For this quick and easy dessert, morning or afternoon tea, you’ll need:

1 cup small tapioca pearls

2 400ml can coconut milk

1.5 cup caster sugar

½ slice of red papaya, diced squeezed with the juice of half a lime

zest of half a lime

Toasted coconut (optional) for garnish, or drizzled with honey

Cook the tapioca pearls in 10 cups boiling water.  Once the pearls are slightly translucent (there is still a white dot in the middle), turn down heat to low and simmer until the tapioca pearls are cooked – they will be transparent.

Drain onto a strainer with cold water.  Set aside.

In  a pot, boil the coconut milk with sugar, until sugar has dissolved.

Add the cooked tapioca pearls and turn off heat.

These can be served as is, warm.

Or cool slightly, spoon onto small bowls or cups.  

Top with a some diced papaya, toasted coconut (if using) and some lime zest. 

Tips and tricks:
* Because the tapioca is starchy, draining the cooked pearls in cold water will removed some of that starch.  It will however help thicken the pudding, so don't over wash the pearls.

Disclaimer: This post is written as part of the Papaya Australia recipe challenge.  The papaya used in this post were provided by Papaya Australia. 


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