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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Cabernet Sauvignon - Wynn's

I’m not sure if at this point this is an appropriate post, but you will soon all be grown up and would have to have a bit of red and with that I don’t mean eye shadow.  Red, white, sparkling, Riesling, champagne, beer, or whatever it is that will please your palate.    But please, do it in moderation, or you’ll end like mum – laughing like there’s no tomorrow and talking non stop about Kylie Kwong.  You may not recall this but this was the time we had dinner at our family friend’s place and mum must have lost track of the wine glasses that she was spilling Kylie Kwong like their the best of mates .  This was related to a plan to visit the SMH Growers Market the next day where Kylie was to showcase some of her dishes on stage and a book signing for fans.  Of course the trip did not make it through as mum (and our family friend!) both had massive headaches the size of the outback the next day.  Don’t get me wrong.  Mum’s only an occasional drinker, but when she gets loaded she’s trigger happy.  Not that animated I tell you.  Just happy and having fun.  Nothing grand or dramatic.  Usually a laughing fit, or a case of an intellectual guru, but mostly mum gets high with having fun.  Just don’t get me started on when mum was in her 20s.  That can be for a more personal dialogue, or better yet, never!  Who would want to know?!
Going back to reds, this is a favourite.  I was introduced to Wynn’s Vintage Cabernet Sauvignon during one of the welcome barbeques at school via a fundraising table showcasing wine!  Are you not surprised?!  A family affair with little kids and there’s a table for wine orders!  Only in Australia I believe!  Well, anyway, as it is Tita C’s birthday yesterday, mum bought a case of 6s!  Nothing exciting here.  Just an introduction to the world of reds.  As mum is not a wine connoisseur, this is just a personal recommendation.  This one’s great – for that steak dinner or after dinner drinks.  Lovely!  Just remember, reds are served at room temperature. No need to chill! 
If ever we’re in SA, there will definitely be trip down the wine yards of Wynn’s for some taste testing!

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