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Friday, May 20, 2011

Home-cured bacon

Here’s something I know I will talk about more, than the time it takes to actually do it.  Just like Ivory Hut said when I came across this project through her blog.  I have always been a fan of Michael Ruhlman after his book ratio.  I said, this is one man who has had a lot of thinking put into his kitchen.  The book is just astounding in its simplicity and openness.  But enough about RATIO and to get on with this project – home cured bacon.  Sounds nice.  Say it and fear creeps up from behind you and then you look around and feel yourself mouthing,… “really?  Can I do it?  Do I want to even do it?  And why would I do it?”  I mean bacon is just there.  In that corner of the supermarket alongside the hams and roast beefs, and hotdogs and cabanossi and chorizos, etc.   Its easier to grab a pack and just get on with life.  But why would you?  Why wouldn’t you?  Why wouldn’t you try to make your own bacon at home? 
This has now become part of mum’s (or should I say, ours as I know you guys are as giddy) list of home projects, which includes non food stuff such as setting up the worm farm, re-upholstery of the dining chairs, re-painting the kitchen, furnishing your room, etc. etc.
Are we exciting or what?!!
- - - - - 

When I came across the home-cured bacon recipe and blog from Ivory Hut and then found Michael Ruhlman's actual recipe from his website a few weeks ago, the page from Ruhlman has since disappeared or has been deleted.  But I'm still keen on making this so I'm promising a weekend before June.

And since we haven't taken on this home-cured bacon project, this has now become a foreword to this adventure.  To home-curing, and beyond!

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