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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Masterchef Live 2011

Macarons at the Patisse stall - Masterchef Live 2011 Sydney

Its amazing how chefs these days have a multitude of followers as if they are rock stars.  I saw a bunch of them at the Masterchef Live at Moore Park over the weekend which was an exciting day for a foodie.  I love these kinds of events as it showcases new local products that you'd otherwise not notice at the supermarkets.  I loved the spicy hot chilli sauces from the Byron Bay Chilli Co, locally produced olive oil by Lomondo from Mudgee NSW and these gourmet tasting pizza that's actually available from the frozen section of the supermarket called Dr Oetker! Who would have known?  A pizza named after a doctor would be as gourmet and fresh tasting as it can possibly be?!

There were a thousand more different products and stalls that fulfilled a foodie's day out.  From breads to the latest kitchen gadgets!  

Macarons from Patisse, in colour

P.S. - The products mentioned here are not paid ads/mentions.  These were actual products that I had a go at tasting and somewhat liked, so worth mentioning.

P.S.S. - This post is making its way to this week's monochromatic culinary photo event - The Well-Seasoned Cooks Black and White Wednesday!  Thank you Susan for hosting this weekly event! 

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  1. That macaron tree is a sweet treat of a reminder that Xmas is just around the corner. Thanks, Anna, for sharing your very stylish BWW photo.



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