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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Photography essentials workshop @ Mumu Grill

  A picture is worth a thousand words. - Anonymous

For BW Wednesday @ The Well-Seasoned Cook - A Weekly Culinary Photo Event
Olives @ Mumu Grill, Crows Nest NSW

Yes, a picture is worth that and more!  It can evoke a variety of feelings and invites participation of the senses.   At least, that goes for most food photos!  It can either ignite a yearning for some pot roast, or to eat that roast pork belly with the slightly browned and crispy skin.  You can actually almost taste the sweet berries on top of some delicious cheesecake, and sometimes ignite that craving at the sight of a really dark gorgeous looking chocolate cake!  I can't say how many times I have lost track of time browsing through Pinterest food photos and somehow, in some way found myself replicating the dish a few days after, or going to a restaurant to have a taste of that dish, or buying some books or equipment in order to prepare a specific cake.  So yes, a picture is definitely worth a thousand and one words and more.

mini sweet burgers - tiny cookies

We are half-way through October and onto last quarter of the year!  Spring is finally showing its true colours!  No more grey skies from here on.  Sunny blue skies and colourful hues.  Alas,  spring has finally showered Sydney with some love and affection.  But knowing its half-way through October, it also brings me into some state of unnecessary panic.  What of?  Christmas shopping of course?!   Have you done your Christmas shopping yet?! Ooh... but I have a list so it should be good.  Now, let's put down that list and back to the present.

Asparagus with sweet lemon dressing and roasted almonds

Last weekend, I attended a photography workshop conducted by Simon Park from theheartoffood.  Apparently the workshop is somewhat a take-off from Billy Law from A Table for Two, who used to teach the class prior to his Masterchef commitments. Anyways, to make a short story shorter, here is the gist!  It was an eye opener, literally!  I’ve learned so much about my point-shoot camera and more.  Who would have thought white balance can be life changing!  LOL!  Seriously, it was great fun!  It’s a good thing I coaxed some mates along to join – D and A both had fun learning about their DSLR the whole workshop went by with just a few words in between us.  Yep, we’ve had our eyes glued on to our camera viewers and kept on click click clicking away.   And not just the workshop, the food at Mumu Grill was excellent.  (It is the first Jamon (Spanish ham) bar in Sydney and boasts 100% grass fed beef). Besides filling our minds and eyes with new learning and skills, our stomachs were not left behind with all the wonderful food not just to photograph, but to EAT as well!

Olives in full colour

Asparagus with lemon dressing and roasted almonds

All in all, it was great fun – learning and eating and engaging all our senses. The bonus here is – Simon has actually informed me of available spaces for the EDB Conference!  I’m stoked to be offered a place and looking forward to learning and meeting other great people who have the same passion and interest – food!

Over the weekend, we also managed to go supersized grocery shopping and visited the Costco outlet which opened July this year in Sydney!  100 rolls of toilet tissues!  Yeah!  It was literally jaw dropping – the massive sizes of each product variety and the bulk portions reminded me that yes indeed, American brands super-size! Everyone has a smile on their face after the shopping - big Skippy's peanut butter for mum, giant Tabasco sauce for Dad, chocolates for the girls heaps more for the pantry.  And yeah - a hundred and one rolls of toilet tissue!  Ha ha ha!  I'm sure we'll survive another quarter without Costco with the loot we got! 

Well, before the end of October comes along, Christmas shopping is in the do list!  With some selfish motive  thrown in as I’ve found the DSLR camera I want  need at a bargain price!  I’m hoping to get my hands on those babies before the month ends.  White balance here I come!  Click, click, click!

PS - My photo of the olives in black and white will be this week's contribution to The Well-Seasoned Cook's Black and White Wednesday. Thanks Susan!

Hope you're all engaging your senses wherever you are! And it maybe smart to get on with your Christmas shopping too!  XX

MUMU Grill
70 Alexander Street
Crows Nest, NSW


  1. Pics look great B! You know they're great pics when they make you hungry :-)

  2. Those glossy olives are definitely something to repeatedly poke with toothpicks until they disappear. ; )

    Thank you, Anna, for inspiring me to shoot olives in B/W. They are among my favorite snacks. Good of you to join BWW again.

  3. @Susan Thanks Susan! And more thanks for hosting such a lively weekly event!

  4. Wow! These foods were so tempting. Whenever I go to a restaurant I always take a picture of the food we ate.

  5. OMG! Those foods are so mouth watering. I would like to eat one of those if I could buy that one in some restaurant but I think none of it serve these foods

  6. @Jenna and @ Melissa - Thanks for your lovely comments.



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