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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Cold autumn weather = Lazy Arroz Caldo

Cold weather always make me sluggish. Catatonic in the morning and most often than not, lethargic all day until its bedtime again. And to think we don't even have snow in this part of the country. Imagine if I did live in a snow covered terrain. I can be a fuzzy old bear in hibernation all winter! I think I can actually sleep for 24hours straight if I'm really left to it. I'm guessing if reincarnated, I might come out as a turtle. Tucked away in a warm place most of the time, and only coming out when its safe and in need of refreshments. But with a household full of always-hungry-kids and a husband who craves for rice all the time, I can't be in hibernation can I? So whats the best pick-me-up dish than can actually arouse the senses and make you feel warm and good all over? My best bet - good old Pinoy Arroz Caldo.

I say this version is "lazy" because with very little time but huge appetite and expectation, this dish was prepared in the fastest way possible - doing the one pot wonder.

My procedure: in a big pot, bring to boil water with 2 cups glutinous rice, 1/2 cup ginger strips, 2 cloves finely chopped garlic and 500g chicken breast, sliced. When everything is cooked and the rice is tender, add some strips of saffron. This adds colour and a certain aroma to the arroz caldo. Season with salt and pepper, to taste. Or some fish sauce.

It was just timely that we had a few "calamansi" (there aren't many calamansi in the local markets here) from a Pinoy friend the previous weekend, that this dish was already complete in our dictionary.

Served warm in individual bowls with toasted garlic, chopped onion chives and calamansi, and some fish sauce on the side. Yum! Makes me want to have another bowl!

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