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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Christmas challenge - Devil's Food White Out Cake

My first post for the year, and after a long while actually and I'm giddy with excitement!!!

Several months ago, I posted this dream cake by Dorie Greenspan from her book - From My Home to Yours and at that time, just the thought of making the cake was enough to make my head spin.

But dreams are meant to be fulfilled, goals are meant to be reached, and challenges taken, otherwise it'll all be so extraordinarily boring. And so, the challenge to prepare it on a special occasion came and I did it! Despite not having same kind of visual result and spectacle as the one featured in DG's book, the absence of a candy thermometer for the icing and filling, and having the icing droop on the cake like melting snow on the alps, I must say, the cake did turn out quite surprisingly good!

While the name of this recipe did not seem apt for the season (Devil's Food White-Out Cake on Christmas!!!!), the cake was absolutely heavenly. Dorie Greenspan is an angel for coming up with this recipe.

And while I didn't have the book in my possession at the time, I found it conveniently posted in this site here.

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