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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Celebrity chef star struck - Adriano Zumbo's Patisserie

Not that I really got to see the celebrity chef' himself, but I was hopeful.

I had finally had the chance to visit Adriano Zumbo's Patisserie and Cafe Chocolat today with a parent from school. The trip was planned a month ago, rescheduled but finally made it today. And the trip I must say is definitely worth it. Not that Adriano was present in store (he frequents the patisserie and cafe in the early morning, and most definitely a bonus if he was actually there at the time), but the unforgettable experience of tasting the signature creations is simply something amazing. My palate has somehow transcended into a place I never knew existed. Fusion in culinary lingo these days sounds passe, but that is exactly what the combination of all the ingredients were, inside the mouth, the palate just plays with the flavours, blends them all in the fusion that was intended for it and just explodes in your mouth. Absolutely amazing. Definitely wicked.

I have only heard of Adriano Zumbo in a few episodes of Masterchef Australia where his creations were featured, replicated by the contestants in what usually is called the "pressure test" and after reading with oohs and aahs about him/the cafe/patisserie from one of my favourite food bloggers Lorraine from Not Quite Nigella. Somehow NQN has the backstage pass to a lot about Adriano's by invitation events, which I can only hope and dream for.

While this trip was the first its definitely not the last, especially I learned that he comes out with new creations every 6 months. How's that for a "fusion" statement!

Inside Cafe Chocolat - a small quaint cafe with all the eccentric trimmings that matches Zumbo's creations. The variety of handcrafted chocolates are all unique and quirky - there's a chocolate camel toe - dark chocolate shaped like a camel's toe!

Just some of the collections available from the patisserie.

I have never been a macaron fan but these are definitely worth giving a try. The macaron that came with the raspberry gelato was just divine!

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