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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter school holidays, painting the bathroom and Kitchen 10

The 2 week school holiday included mum taking off from Monday classes and working most days at her ho hum part time administrative job with NSW Health.  Hey!  Its not that ho hum if you consider the financial gains, but still, it gets boring on most days, I’d rather be at home cooking or baking something with you guys.  So ate sits with you for most of the week (with pay of course), and we all go on with our school holiday routine.  On the Thursday before the long Easter break, ate had a movie date (which was cancelled at the last minute after I paid for the tickets already!), you guys spent a few hours with me at work – playing your DS, creating stuff from scratch paper and using up all the sticky tape my office!  We went around parts of the Gladesville Hospital compound and found some nice spots to just run, and hang out for a bit.  Quite a surprise for mum as I never really walked beyond the four walls of the office.  Except going to the kitchen and the loo.  Behold!  What a beautiful place to work!

Anyways, while you guys were basking in the sun and running around like crazy people in the massive oval, mum was thoughtfully creating an image of newly painted bathroom and kitchen.  After some hurried McDonald’s (I refuse to call it maccas for some strange reason that I don’t seen the resemblance to the root word M-c-D-o-n-a-l-d, unlike other Australian shortened words for postal officer – posties, fireman – firies, electricians – sparky, and so on), we headed off to Bunnings and bought our supplies!  Paint!  You guys chose the sky blue colour, and some chalkboard paint for which I intend to roughly paint on the kitchen walls to write menus and notes.   When we got home at about 3ish, we eerily and happily started to clean the bathroom walls!  I say eerie as it’s a bit creepy that we were so happy taking on a humongous and dirty task.  You guys included.  But we did and did a tremendous good job as well!

Easter was spend at home with Dad’s life-changing easter egg hunt puzzle.  Yeah.  Dad takes these things seriously.  And you guys are just the audience for his tricks.  All fun and games and too much chocolate eggs. 
Where did Kitchen10 come in?  I just thought and declared that if there is a future in restaurant business for us – it shall be named Kitchen 10.  What’s the cuisine, where it is, what’s the menu going to be like?  I don’t know. For now, I like that name.  Kitchen 10. Cocina Diez. Cucina Dieci.  Kusina Sampu. Kuche zhen. …..
Well, school holidays are over and we’re all back to our usual routine.  Don’t sweat it girls.  School is fun!   Always treat each day as exciting, as it usually is!  First stop, what’s for dinner?!

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