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Monday, November 07, 2011

Eat Drink Blog 2011 - Fabulous Day!

Pre EDB2011 registration, I had no clue what a hashtag was, had about 18 tweets since my account was opened in 2008 and was invisibly coasting in the food blogging world, quietly following some and replicating recipes as I found them.  But it was sheer stroke of luck.  One moment the registration was closed and what followed was a series of fortunate events.   When the final conference details and list of participants came out prior to the date,  the tweets started coming and coming and coming.  


On the way to Mascot was unlike any other.  My nerves were already getting the better of me   and navigator thought to play tricks with turns and shifts in routes changing in the blink of an eye.  But this was nothing compared to what I felt when the doors of the Electrolux Demonstration Centre along O'Riordan Road opened its doors.  There was so much buzz and excitement that was just contagious!  To be around so many amazing foodies is as intimidating as it is overwhelmingly exciting.  

Chef  Nonie Dwyer with a lamb butchery masterclass

Peter from Souvlaki for the Soul at the Food Styling workshop

Chef Lars Svenson from Kingsley Crab and Steakhouse prepared the Singaporean Chilli Mud Crab

Chef Matthew Brock with a masterclass on Sourdough Bread making

The conference was packed full of useful and important information for a food blogger - from legal issues to ethics, from food styling and photography to meat, crab and bread masterclasses, from SEO to personal experiences from successful bloggers.  Valerie Khoo from the Sydney Writer's Centre shared 7 tips to create more flair in blog posts and Simon Marnie confirmed his support to the food blogging community.  It was great to finally come face-face with so many bloggers who I've followed quietly for years, including Peter from Souvlaki for the Soul, Barbara of winos and foodies, Jen from Jenius, Karen from Citrus and Candy, Sefie Eats and to meet other amazing bloggers was just inspiring!   The conference was capped with a lovely dinner at Kingsley Crab and Steakhouse with a menu set specially for the event.    Overall, a fabulous event that was a feast to all the senses!

Huge thanks and lots of love to the organisers of the Eat Drink Blog 2011 for their dedication and efforts!! Not only did this event expanded my network in the food blogging circle, the learning was just magnificent! Its just not enough to say THANK YOU! 

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to catch up on some serious tweeting.


  1. You are FAST! I slept almost the whole day yesterday, only stopped for lunch and cheese for dinner. It was wonderful to meet you, and the Doctor says hi :)

  2. Wow, speedy! I count you as number three to blog this.

    It was a grand day, I agree. Love the photo collages.

  3. It was lovely to meet you too! I've never seen so many bloggers in one room so the day was a little overwhelming especially when trying to talk to everyone lol.

    Your photos just made me crave crab :(

  4. @Sefie Ahh.. Sleep eludes me on weekends. Had a lovely time. Happy to have met you too!

  5. @Lau@corridorkitchen Thanks! Had fun putting up the photos! There were so many! Lol!

  6. oh no I didnt get to meet you! so Sad :(

  7. It was lovely to meet you Bambi. I really like the font you are using on your blog. Ricotta is on my 'to do' list.

  8. Are you on Twitter? I couldn't find a link. Let me know I'd like to follow you.

  9. Lovely to meet you Bambi on the day! Thanks for taking the class

  10. @Peter G @ Souvlaki For The Soul It was inspiring and humbling to have met you in person and take part in the class Peter!

  11. @Barbara Thanks Barbara! You are an inspiration to a lot of the food bloggers out there. PS. The font I think is part of the template. Following you on Twitter now. Thanks!

  12. Looks like a great event, we have our NZ conference this Saturday. I notice from Alessandra's blog you are located near Ryde which is near our AU office which I visit every two months, small world isn't it?

  13. Nice post. I like the way you've collaged the photos - I can't figure out how to do this nicely in Wordpress. It's probably quite simple but it's just not happening for me at the moment...
    Pssst. I was also a bit star-struck meeting bloggers like Peter (Souvlaki) and Karen (Citrus & Candy). :)

  14. @hungryaustralian.com Hi Christina! You're too kind! I use Picasa when working with the photos and collage is a feature they have. Thanks for dropping by.



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