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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Books! - The simple art of perfect baking and more!

At last!  The final installment of the books I've ordered from Amazon has arrived!  This one took forever and the anticipation was just too much!  First, it was the searching for the book.  It was just not available anywhere, except through the independent shops in Amazon.  It also took too long for me to decide on whether it was worth it as the price for the book was a bit expensive $34 and it wasn't new - first published in 1992 and the latest in 2003.  But I've heard more than enough accolades to convince me (besides the cover of the book!), that yes, this book is worth it! 

I first came across Flo Braker from 17 and Baking but it was Zoe Bakes who convinced me that yes, there are real fairy godmothers who will hold your hand and guide you in the kitchen!  I am yet to dive into Flo Braker's book and start the art of perfect baking, but I'm not worried.   I might just try the toasted almond dacquoise first, as Zoe highly recommends for home bakers.

On another note, its going to be a fabulous October here in Sydney with the Sydney International Food Festival.  And oh yes!  I am going to see my favourite pastry chef and food blogger David Lebovitz in person as part of the  World Chef Showcase.  Can you believe how chefs these days have that celebrity stattus?  When did that ever happen?

On the family front, I hope to keep my girls entertained with more food adventures and experiences this year just like the  Breakfast on the Bridge and Chocolate Spectacular workshop they did last year.  Its all about having food, eating and having heaps of fun! 

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