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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Chicago metallic mini cheesecake pans

Chicago Metallic Mini Cheesecake Pan 12 Cavity - from amazon.com

I've gotten obsessed with this baby after I saw these mini Oreo cheesecakes through Pinterest.  I know.  I might be spending too much time on Pinterest.  I'm not really much of a kitchen-gadget-obsessive-compulsive-must-have-that type,  but I do like basic things that can help prepare dishes and baked goodies in a variety of ways.  I've made a few kinds of cheesecakes (most recently the Oreo cheesecake) in my lifetime, and these would be perfect! After splurging on a few books from Amazon just recently, I was contemplating on whether it is the right time to get these pans, especially if they're going to be shipped from across the Pacific again!    But it must be fate that I found it available here in Oz through Everten Online!  So guess who's making some mini cheesecakes soon?!  Can't wait!  Who knows what else we can make from these pan?!


  1. I never tried mini cheesecake pans. I usually use the cupcake pans. I think it is about time I buy myself a new bake equipment :-)

  2. @EftychiaHi Eftychia! They are great and simple to use. Totally recommend them. I've used them so many times already I'm thinking of getting another one. Go and get one and let me know how much you like it too.



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