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Monday, April 09, 2012

East Ryde Scouts Car Boot Sale

"One person's trash is another person's treasure." - Anonymous

I’ve been rummaging through op shops for quite a fair bit lately, and getting obsessed with old/vintage/classic props for food photography.  Not that I’m a food stylist or anything.  And not that I’ve been using them since purchased.  Having a food blog helps.  But seriously, I need to find a use for most of it soon.  Or hubby will find out what that box is under the buffet table.  Just a few weeks back, we moved house and its proximity to the quarterly East Ryde Scouts Car Boot Sale isn’t helping my effort to resist temptation.  Well, it was just a short walk away, so why would we drop by and have a look eh?

So if you fancy a bit of flea market shopping or have some treasures you’d like to unload, check out the East Ryde Scouts here.

The East Ryde Scouts Car Boot Sale is a regular event held one Sunday in March, July/August and November and is held at the corner of Badajoz and Twin Road in North Ryde.

*all photos taken with the iPhone 3G


  1. Replies
    1. Oh I got one of them! They're usually at local markets. You should watch out for the next one! Or drop by the East Ryde Scouts Car Boot Sale In July or August! :D



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