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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Thai chilli basil chicken (Pad Ka Prao Gai)

One of my favourite cuisines is Thai, and so does hubby.  We both love chillies in our dishes.  We have tried growing chilli plants at home, but every winter, the plant just dries up and dies.  And when summer comes, we buy and raise a new plant.  We've got several types of chilli condiments in our pantry - Tabasco sauce, sambal olek, sriracha, dried chillis flakes, garlic & chilli paste... did I mention we love our chillies?

But eating out is not always an option for us.  Most of the time, when dining out we all choose something that's relatively acceptable with the majority's vote - our kids.  Which means it's either Japanese, Chinese yum cha or the usual ribs and steak places.  But when dining out with friends, Thai is always the first (and sometimes) the only option when booking is left to me.  So far, a favourite is Sailors Thai at the Rocks.  But then, my dining-out experience is limited, so still lots of places out there to explore.  David Lebovitz had high regard for Spice I Am when we came to town during the World Chef Showcase in 2011, which is one of the many food places to visit in my list.

Lunch with workmates also always involves Thai and a favourite lunch joint in Gladesville - either Red Spoon or Chilli Jam.  Both serve tasty Thai dishes at good prices.  And this Thai chilli basil dish is one of the favourites.  Its fabulous and easy to prepare at home too!

250g minced chicken
3 large cloves garlic
3 fresh coriander roots
9 birds eye chillis
1 long green chilli 
2 tbsp fish sauce
1 tbsp soy sauce
1 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp water
vegetable oil
a bunch of fresh Thai sweet basil leaves only, washed
fresh coriander leaves for garnish

Using a mortar and pestle, pound the garlic, coriander roots and chillies until it fine and resembles a paste.

In a large skillet/fry pan or wok, heat about 3 tablespoons vegetable oil.  Add the garlic and chilli mixture and cook until soft. 

Add the minced chicken and stir until cooked through.  

Add the seasoning: fish sauce, soy sauce, sugar and stock and simmer until reduced, 5-7 minutes.

While simmering, prepare a small pan.  Heat a little vegetable oil and fry half of the the basil leaves until crispy.  Not more than 5 minutes.  Set aside.

Add the remaining fresh basil leaves into the chicken, stir then turn off heat.

Spoon onto plate, topped with the crispy basil leaves and garnish with fresh coriander.  

Serve with steamed jasmine rice and a wedge of lemon.


I made this for a weeknight dinner and it turned out so well, hubby raved about it at work the next day. It's fairly easy to make, and there's heaps of online recipes you can refer to.  This one is adapted from epicurious.com


  1. Whoa! I so want to have this for lunch! YUM!

    1. Thanks Priscilla M for the lovely comment!



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