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Friday, July 30, 2010

Marble cake again - a darker version

One cake at a time as promised. And this is the second round of the Marble Cake posted just days ago. This version used 75g of the Lindt 70% Specialty Cooking Chocolate (above) which made for a darker chocolate swirl in the marble cake, where previously, we used 50g as called for the in the recipe of the Woolworths Select Dark Cooking Chocolate brand.

We brought some slices for Ms B and she was just so elated that I want to bring her more cake! And we will, definitely.

Mum still feels defeated in the home front - exhausted from all the thinking really. On Tuesday, a photographer is coming to take photos of the house - standard photos to use for marketing paraphernalia by the real estate agent. So the weekend is going to be full on tidying up the house - putting everything in its proper place, disposing some long ago stuff that we're still holding on for whatever reason, and basically just making sure the house is in order. Besides the fact that the owner most probably want to sell the property at a good price, it'll be a great way to have our home out there in the wide world of the web.

Today was productive though - had a meeting with our tax agent and finally up to date with our returns. Taking things one day at a time.

Tomorrow's another cake day!

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