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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Spring in winter - the basil grows

Sydney winter is usually cold and wet. Rain is felt on most days although it's not as cold as in some countries like Europe or the US. Snow is only felt in some parts of the NSW and Victoria and one has to drive all the way to the mountains to get a feel of the frost. We've experienced snow for the first time last month when we went on a 4-day short break in Jindabyne and visited Perisher Valley and Thredbo. It was a pretty cool experience, literally, and a fantastic adventure despite the 16hour drive back and forth. Real great fun!

Winter is my least favourite season. Grey overcast days are not my favourite days either. Add showers to that, and I'm the grizzly nasty bear going into hibernation. If I could just hibernate, I would.

Aside from you guys who are the reasons why I get up in the morning (if I don't, then we'd all be stuck in bed all day, pajamas and all, especially in the school holidays!), it is only in winter that I appreciate the warmth of coffee in my favourite mug, clasped by my cold palms. Oh, what I would do to get some early morning peace with my cuppa and just be. If only I could drag myself out of bed earlier, to get that extra 10 minutes of solitude. But as I said, winters make me freeze. So maybe, I'd be luckier in spring. Oh well.

While we are still halfway through winter, there's a bit of spring in our kitchen with the basil thriving and growing blossoms. This was from the bunch of basil I bought early June for a pasta dish and soaked the rest of the unused stems in a jar filled with water sitting idly and beautifully on the window sill in the kitchen. What wonder! I don't have much a green thumb, so anything such as a bunch of basil blossoming is something of a gardening accomplishment in my book. I do hope they last until its time to transfer them into a pot when Spring comes.

Meanwhile, I'd love a good book, a cup of coffee and some quiet time. Turn off the TV please! And stop watching those videos in Youtube!

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