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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Dark chocolate cake + chocolate butter frosting = gorgeous!

This is the cake from Mother's Day which, according to my friend who is a self-proclaimed chocolate cake connoisseur, is the bestest cake ever!  And she didn't even get to taste it, she just saw the photos.  Who wouldn't proclaim such!  This cake is just gorgeous!  It ticks all the chocolate cake points!  Chocolate, dark, icing, sweet, moist, yum!

This cake was made with the recipe from your 888 birthday, but using an entirely different kind of frosting!  The kind that makes one jaw drop in awe.  Just like I did, when I saw the cake from What Katie Ate, where at first sight, I vowed I would make, in sickness and in health...  and mum did.  On mother's day, of all days. And why not! 

What Katie Ate posted the recipe in her site, which I  hope will stay there for long as its just something worth sharing out there.  In the world.  For world peace!  

 Just a small point in the recipe.  In the ingredients section, Katie stated icing sugar, but kept referring to caster sugar in the instructions.  I'm sure its a typo error and I'm meaning to write Katie about it too.  Soon as I get over this gorgeous looking cake.  I'm still in awe!  

PS - When you're all grown up and possibly the site will be unavailable for viewing by that time, Katie is coming with a book soon!  Mum will make sure we get it to include in our library of beautiful food, recipes and photos.

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