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Friday, May 27, 2011

Spaghetti carbonara

There’s a massive tree adjacent to the parking lot where mum works.  Well, there are several within the grounds but this one I’m referring to is the same one which Ate said she wanted to climb, and you all did too. I think.  That time you spent with me in the office in the school holidays in April?  Do you remember?  Well, lately, it seems to be speaking to me. Inviting me, to “… come, climb me and see how far your eyes can view beyond the waters of the Parramatta River!”.  I would actually. If it were not too awkward and embarrassing to be seen by other folks from the other buildings.  It would be weird to see a grown woman climbing up a tree, triggered by some random thought, or maybe the woman is just plain crazy.  And here I am thinking, why the hell not?!  What’s wrong with climbing trees?  Nothing wrong there.  Except that if you’re 40 and you find yourself dangling from a tree amidst the grounds where building abound full of government and private sector workers, it becomes a little bit interesting and probably news worthy.  I guess what I’m saying is, as people grow older, inhibitions start to come in and being sensible becomes the order of the day.

I always have this conversation with you guys. Always be sensible. Act your age, blah blah blah blah.  At 8yo I expect the three of you to use your dining utensils instead of your hands and fingers to eat.  At 13yo I expect Ate to be responsible enough to do chores and to actually remember them without mum constantly doing the reminding “like a broken record” – an expression I never use with any of you as then the conversation will manoeuvre into, “what’s a record”, and if I answer that, we will all be out of topic. 
Now back to food – I realised mum has not posted our regular pasta dish which is Spaghetti Carbonara in myadobo so here it is, minus photos.  We had this for dinner last night, and as it’s a usual dinner dish I didn’t take photos.  I’ll just post a photo of it the next time this is the menu for dinner.
1 pack spaghetti 500g – cooked according to package instructions
1 onion, finely diced
7-8 strips bacon, diced
1 cup thickened cream
2 eggs, slightly beaten
1 c frozen green peas
1 c parmesan cheese
Mixed herbs for flavour – fresh as basil and oregano chopped and sprinkled in the last minute would do wonders
In a saucepan (usually where I cook the pasta), drizzle 2 tbsp olive oil. 
Cook the onions until translucent then add the bacon.  Cook until brown (doesn’t have to be crispy as they lose their crispness when you add all the other liquid ingredients together.)
Add the cooked pasta and stir on low heat.
Add the cream and beaten eggs and stir until thoroughly incorporated, stirring continuously in low heat, making sure the eggs are cooked, add the green peas and the parmesan and stir until mixed through.
Add fresh or dried herbs and turn off heat.

The traditional Italian carbonara usually only has eggs which creates the creamy texture of the sauce, but in American and other countries such as Australia, the use of the cream has replaced eggs either of dietary restrictions or simply to enhance the flavour of the sauce.  I use both in mum’s carbonara recipe as I favour pasta sauce to be heavier than most.  The creamier the better.
This dish can be prepared in 30 minutes flat, if all the ingredients are prepared and ready for cooking.  This is the fastest dish that can come out your kitchen.  It’s the only dish that I can think of when I’ve ran out of ideas to whip up, or when mum’s  just running out of time with so many other errands to do, such as on a Thursday when after your tennis lessons, we only have about 2 hours of rest then off to Ate’s basketball training.  It’s the most sensible thing, really.   Besides opening up a can of Ligo or Rose Bowl sardines.   Thursdays are toxic if we let it, but we’ve managed to be able to relax and conform to the routines of life in the suburbs that mum’s quick and easy meals such as this carbonara becomes the hero of the day.  Now, do I need to remind you to use your fork for the pasta instead of your fingers!!  Aarrgghh!

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