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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Black ink fried rice

This is fried rice stirred with the ink strands from fresh squid. Its not something new as I have tried this before from one of the many restaurants in Manila that my office colleagues and me would frequent for meetings or after office drinks.

This is not a edited with photoshop. The colour is simply black, with the browned garlic and chopped onion chives standing out.

Next time, I must try and make the "aligi" fried rice at home. "Aligi" is actually crab fat and is one of those ingredients that can really make one's blood pressure soar. So, it will take a bit of careful planning and preparation and nerve settling before we embark on a crab fat journey.

Meanwhile, this black ink fried rice surprised everyone one weekend lunch. The squid ink didn't do much flavour to the dish except the colour, but it sure did add some colour to the otherwise plain white rice we always have.

1 comment:

  1. Fresh squid ink has a distinctive sweet taste on it.If you got a fresh ink like what I have always tasted before on paella negra and even on a fresh caught squid made adobo,the ink kinda taste sweet.



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